Important Character

As I have said before, character building is an important element of being both a mother and a teacher. And being that today (December 6th, 2008) is my middle son Mikael’s 6th birthday, that “important element” is a major reminder staring me in the face. This set of character building qualities are dedicated to my Mikael, he has a special trait (ADHD) and works hard every day to build up his character. I love you my little monkey man!!!

———-  PERSEVERANCE  ———-

Sticking to a purpose or aim


You can PERSEVERE by:

Not giving up when things go wrong.

Accepting feedback as encouragement to keep trying until you get it right.

Giving 100% to a sport or activity that challenges you.

Being involved in a club or team at school and not quitting.

Setting WISE long-term goals and working towards them.

What do you think?

Do I give up too quickly?

Do I try to accomplish things that I really want?

What do I tell myself I can’t do?

How will sticking with school help me get a job in the future?

Do I start more project than I finish?


1. (T/F) I keep going until I finish assignments and projects.

2. (T/F) If I run into a roadblocks, I don’t usually quit.

3. (T/F) I am willing to accept challenges.

4. (T/F) I work harder at subjects that are difficult for me.

5. (T/F) I ask for help when I need it.

Scoring: Give yourself 1 point for each “true” answer.

5 points: You have a lot of PERSEVERANCE!!!

3 – 4 points: You’ve got the right idea.

1 – 2 points: You’ve got room to improve in this area.

o points: Make it a goal to develop your PERSEVERANCE.


1. I will persevere at home by:


2. I will persevere at school by:


3. Choose something you think you’re not good at. List three actions you can take to improve your skill in this area.




“You can if you believe you can.” – Author Unknown


———-  COURAGEOUS  ———

The ability to face problems directly


You can be COURAGEOUS by:

Not being afraid to be different from everybody else.

Saying no when all your friends are saying yes.

Dealing with problems rather than avoiding them.

Working hard to improve your grades in a difficult subject.

Walking away from a fight.

Trying something new.

Think about it!

Are my friends’ opinions stronger than my own?

Do I have the courage to be different?

Do I stand up for kids who are being pushed around?

What do I say when people make fun of me? Of others?

Do something COURAGEOUS:

1. Think of an on-going conflict you have with someone. Can you ask someone to mediate? What are other ways you can resolve this conflict?

2. Define a project to address a problem in your neighborhood. Take a leadership role in getting help for this problem. Write a letter to an elected representative in your town and ask for their help. Be persistent.

3. Make or buy a type of food that you have never had before. Find someone courageous enough to try it with you.

4. Interview someone in your family or neighborhood who has shown courage. Find out what helped them be courageous.

“It takes as much courage to have tried and failed as it does have tried and succeeded.” – Anne Morrow Lindbergh



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