More Character…

I wanted to with the character building information because I believe that as a teacher, character building and character reinforcing will be a part of our routine in the classroom. I know character building is just one of the important responsibilities I have as a mother, so I believe thats how I have to be a teacher.

———-  RESPECT  ———-

To have high regard for, to hold in esteem, to treat with courtesy and consideration


You can show RESPECT for yourself by:

Getting enough rest and excerise.

Making healthy food choice.

Putting effort into your schoolwork.

Setting short-term and long-term goals.

You can show RESPECT for others by:

Saying please and thank you.

Listening when someone else is talking.

Returning what you borrow.

Using clean language.

You can show RESPECT for your community by:

Making it a habit to pick up litter.

Obeying traffic regulations.

Volunteering with a community organization.

What do you think?

What is the effect of treating others with respect?

Do your room and closet look like you respect your clothes and other possessions?

Do you treat your family and friends with respect?

How can you show respect to paid to serve you, such as the clerk at a fast-food restaurant?

Why is it important to be respectful to elderly people?

Show some RESPECT!

1. Think of three people you know and respect. What character traits cause you to respect them? Write a note to each of these  people and tell them what you respect about them.

2. For 24 hours, keep a log in your agenda books (or journal) of every instance you see someone showing respect for another person. How many times did you observe missed opportunities for showing respect?

3. Pick up litter along your street every weekend for one month. Do you feel different about littering after picking up other people’s trash? (This is a good project to do with friends.)


“There is no happiness for people at  the expense of other people.” – Anwar El-Sadat


———-  JOYFUL  ———-

Showing Happiness and Optimism


You can show JOYFULNESS every day by:

Smiling at people you meet.

Looking on the bright side of things.

Finding reasons to be happy instead of depressed.

Laughing instead of getting mad when things don’t go exactly as planned.

Being pleasant to your brothers, sisters, and parents.

Think about it!

Do I keep myself from feeling joyful?

Do I think its not cool to be joyful?

What do I have to be happy about?

Do I help other people be joyful?

Take a JOYFUL quiz:

1. (T/F)   I am happy most of the time.

2. (T/F)  I don’t get upset when things don’t go my way.

3. (T/F)  I don’t make fun of people when they mess up.

4. (T/F)  I look for ways to make the most of every situation.

5. (T/F)  I am thankful for the opportunities I have.

**Scoring: Give yourself 1 point for each “true” answer.

5 points: Excellent!!! You know how to be joyful.

3 – 4 points: Not bad … you try to be joyful.

1 – 2 points: Make more effort to be joyful this week.

0 points: Could you improve your attitude?????


1. Organize an activity that you could do with a family member that would help them be joyful. How does it make you feel to spread joy?

2. Identify a situation that is difficult for you to be joyful about. List three strategies that can help you find more joy in that situation. Practice those strategies.

3. Research the story of Norman Cousins and how he used joy and laughter to heal himself. Write a paragraph or illustrate his thoughts on joy.

“Of all the gifts bestowed by nature on human beings, hearty laughter must be close to the top.” – Norman Cousins



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